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In 2014, I edited Parade magazine's celebrity and entertainment page, Personality. It was the magazine's most-read page, reaching 32 million readers across the U.S. every Sunday.


Here are a few samples (click each page for a larger PDF).

"Music Makers"

Christophe Landon has been making violins and other stringed instruments for nearly 40 years. He and his apprentices make instruments exactly the same way people did two hundred years ago. I shot this short documentary at his studio on New York City's Upper West Side.

Josh Hanagarne is not your average librarian. He can rip phonebooks in half, and he spends his lunch breaks bending horseshoes with his bare hands. He also happens to have a severe case of Tourette Syndrome.

I shot and edited this video to accompany my story

about Hanagarne and his 2013 memoir for

A Bit of Silliness

Lindsay Lowe


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