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I am currently seeking representation for my upmarket historical novel, Where the Land Ends, which is complete at 96,000 words.


Her battle-scarred husband’s ‘strange moods’ are growing darker — and with divorce out of the question in Georgian England, Eleanor Harding must decide how far she will go for freedom. 


WHERE THE LAND ENDS is a story about control, resilience, our longing for tenderness, and the power of trusting our own experience.

In 1806 in a lonely village on England's south coast, young mother Eleanor’s confined existence is shaken up by the arrival of a new doctor. He seems more at ease in his vegetable garden than mixing with the neighbours at dinners and dances, and he also seems to understand Eleanor in a way others do not.


As Eleanor wrestles with a disturbing secret from her husband’s naval past, she takes increasingly bold risks to find moments of escape. However, to find lasting freedom, she must liberate herself in every sense — from her stifling village, from a marriage haunted by echoes of war trauma, and from a generational pattern of abuse.

The book would appeal to fans of the darkly atmospheric Georgian-era setting of NOW WE SHALL BE ENTIRELY FREE, as well as to readers who enjoyed the quietly strong heroine of THE OTHER BENNET SISTER.

Lindsay Lowe


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